Home Codes Repository

Privacy Policy

This privacy policy covers when you use the iOS application, HomeKit Codes Repository.

Collection of Information


HomeKit Codes Repository collects information by you providing access to your HomeKit data. This information is stored on your device and within your personal iCloud database. No data regarding your home or devices goes to third parties. No data regarding your home or devices can be seen, copied, or altered in any way.

HomeKit Codes Repository collects and stores crash reports with Bugsnag analytics tool. You can read more about its privacy policy on the official website.


Use of Information


HomeKit Codes Repository uses collected information to store and show your HomeKit device setup codes.


Sharing of Information


No information relating to your HomeKit data is shared with third parties.


Crash reports are shared with Bugsnag. See Collection of Information for more details.




If you have any questions you wish to raise regarding our privacy policy, please contact us.